About the Night Watch

What is ‘early music’?

The Night Watch play ‘early music’. This means songs and dance tunes from the 12th century (the earliest we have in Europe) to the end of the 17th century. This covers the mediaeval (12th–15th centuries), renaissance (15th– early 17th century), and early baroque (17th century) periods.

Andy and Ian sing in mediaeval, Tudor and modern English, and play period instruments, including shawms, recorders, cornamuse, rebec, oud, lute, gittern, cittern, and renaissance guitars. (To learn more about these instruments, click here.)

Their mission is to perform, involve and educate, sharing this beautiful and exciting music through gigs, recordings, and the delivery of specialist music education through school workshops. Children (and adults, if they wish) will be actively involved and engaged through participation in historical singing, dancing (pavan, galliard, branle) and playing instruments. The Night Watch would also be delighted to help you celebrate a special event such as a wedding, engagement or anniversary (wearing period clothes if you request it).