School Workshops

Blow, Bow, Pluck, Strike and Sing

Blow BlowSuitable for …
Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

Cross-curricular …
Music, History, PE, Dance.

National curriculum skills covered …
communication; working with others; improving own learning and performance; problem solving; and thinking skills


A guide to the wind, bowed, plucked and percussion instruments of the mediaeval, renaissance and early baroque periods, with plenty of opportunities for pupils to participate through playing, singing, dancing, and interviewing. This is a workshop that can be modified to suit all pupils in Key Stages 1, 2 or 3; or as a G&T activity for those who have a special talent for music.


Choose from the following elements for your day, so that pupils can:

  • sing in middle English, Tudor English and / or modern English
  • learn how to dance the most popular Tudor dances in England and France: the pavan, galliard, la volta, branle
  • see, hear, learn about instruments reconstructed from historical examples, with a chance to play a selection
  • compose a song in a mediaeval style (especially suited for G&T pupils)
  • interview Andy and Ian about their lives as mediaeval, renaissance or baroque musicians, including example of period art as illustrations