School Workshops

Magical History Tour

Magical History TourSuitable for … Key Stages 2 and 3.

Cross-curricular … Music, History, PE, Dance.

National curriculum skills covered … communication; working with others; improving own learning and performance; problem solving; and thinking skills


A whistle-stop tour through the music, history and lives of the middle ages, renaissance, and baroque periods. (And we can bring it bang up to date, if you prefer, taking in the Victorians, music hall, and pop songs!)


Magical History TourChoose from the following elements for your day, so that pupils can:

  • sing a mediaeval song, a renaissance (Tudor) song and a baroque song
  • learn how to dance the pavan and galliard
  • learn about different musical instruments in different historical periods
  • play a mediaeval or renaissance instrument
  • compose a song in the style of a period from history
  • consider and decide, in groups, when the most dangerous and safest periods of history were
  • consider and decide, in groups, which period of history they’d most like to live in
  • interview Andy and Ian about their lives as historical characters, including projected period art