Drive the Cold Winter Away (formerly Winter Warmer)

Drive the cold winter awayThe Night Watch play ‘early music’, songs and dance tunes from the 12th century to the end of the 17th century (mediaeval, renaissance, and early baroque). Back then, people’s experience of winter was very different to ours: no central heating, often a shortage of fresh food, and no Christmas adverts on TV from July onwards.


Instead they had the very earliest known English song (about the winter weather), French renaissance dance tunes which became better known as Christmas carol tunes, and 17th century broadside ballads about festive drinking and the Christmas spirit. Expect period music, period instruments, period clothes and period jokes in Drive the Cold Winter Away, The Night Watch’s rolling and changing programme for the winter and Christmas season.


“They had entertained, enlightened and educated their audience, and very few musicians can do all that in one performance. If you can, go and see them. They are rather special.” - Cleobury Clarion


"such fun ... very, very good early music ... wonderful music and singing ... fantastic stuff" - the BBC's Genevieve Tudor, Sunday Folk