Singing the Seasons – a year in early music

Singing the SeasonsSinging The Seasons celebrates the changing year in 13th to 18th century music, taking a journey through winter, spring, summer, autumn and Christmas. Hear the oldest surviving song in English (about the weather, of course); a Tudor song for Valentine’s Day; a 13th century round celebrating the arrival of summer; the very first version of Old MacDonald Had a Farm, originally a winter song published in 1706; and some of the earliest surviving carols.


The Night Watch (Ian Pittaway and Andy Casserley) sing and play plucked, bowed and blown instruments from the mediaeval, renaissance and baroque periods. Between them, they play recorders, renaissance and baroque lutes, shawms, rebec, crumhorn, cittern, pipe and tabor, renaissance and baroque guitars, bagpipes, cornamuse, mandore, orpharion, gemshorn, bandora, bray harp and percussion.