Weddings & Corporate

Weddings & Corporate

Would you like something memorable and unusual for your special day?


The Night Watch would be delighted to help you celebrate a special event such as a wedding, engagement, anniversary, corporate event or private celebration.


We offer you:

Weddings & Corporate


  • Period music played on period instruments:
    mediaeval (13th–15th centuries),
    renaissance (15th–early 17th century),
    and early baroque (17th century).
  • The Night Watch in historical period clothes or formal wear.
  • Music either for listening, for dancing (we can even teach the dances), or as an accompaniment to other activities (such as signing the register or a meal).
  • Historical songs for listening to or for joining in.
  • Up to 3 hours of music during any 4 hour period.


We can give you all of the above, or a selection to suit your particular needs.


The standard price is £400, all inclusive, for travel up to 50 miles (after that we add a smidgen for extra travel).


Please contact us to discuss any arrangements
Click here to download weddings & corporate leaflet.